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During the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, Martin Luther King Jr said…

I have a thought

Words have power. change the impact

What words will ignite your most powerful conversation?

Understanding, measuring and influencing what people say about your business is fundamental to your ability to operate and grow.

We understand this instinctually as consumers: we buy from and invest in brands that we trust. And when brands make public mistakes, we all watch closely to see how they handle a crisis.

Our role is to help you proactively (and sometimes reactively) shape and then measure the visibility of your business by building trust, authenticity and consistency in your communications.

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Our PR approach drives powerful conversations across traditional and digital media.

And while adverts and billboards are important ways of connecting with your audience, we know that audiences listen much closer to objective information. They watch what, where and how you engage in places that aren't paid for or sponsored.

At Razor, our approach is guided by two principles that underscore everything we do.


Brutal Simplicity of thought

As part of the M&C Saatchi Group, we believe in Brutal Simplicity of Thought – the process of cutting away all the unnecessary to deliver strategy and messaging that audiences understand and respond to. This augments the success of everything we do.


What is your most powerful conversation?

We understand that words have power. The most powerful words lead to the most powerful conversations, which in turn lead to the most powerful brands and reputations. Through this, we impact the reputation, culture and influence of our clients.

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A country’s symbols impacts its thinking

Women are the backbone of South African society, the foundation that builds families and communities. Yet despite their important societal role, the country’s coat of arms – the most visible symbol of our country – only represents two men. Government continues to dialogue about the importance of South Africa's symbols and where charge needs to take place. In August 2020, Newzroom Afrika, South Africa’s newest 24-hour news channel, wanted to change this on the occasion of Women’s Day, which takes place annually on 09 August.

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